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Personal Storage

There are a number of reasons why someone may need to utilise our self storage and we're here to help with whatever that reason may be. Whether you're moving home, redecorating and just need the extra space, our safe & secure self storage is the solution.

Moving Home

With our 20 years experience of the removal industry we know how stressful moving home can be. Using our self storage can be a great way to alleviate some of the stress. You could use to store some bulky items while showing your house to prospective buyers, which may make it sell quicker. You may also want to use us to reduce the cost of the removal or store items if you are downsizing.

Decoration & Renovation

Whether your having an extension or just giving your home a little spruce up, moving some items into self storage is a great way to make some space. Using Trunk Self Storage is also the perfect way to preserve your furniture, the last thing you want is your favourite chair getting covered in dust. With our clean, spacious storage your worldly goods can be protected while your home improvements take place.


Self storage is the ideal way to help with decluttering around the house. It's easy to use up all the storage space in your own home but not all of it may be suitable for disposal. You may want to consider using our self storage if your wardrobes are overflowing to store out of season garments. Or you could use us to store bulky Christmas decorations outside of the time you use them. Maybe you're a keen cricketer and don't have the space at home during the winter, we have the storage options to fit any need.


Do you run a small eBay or Etsy shop from your home? Why not utilise the ample space and extensive knowledge of fulfilment we have on offer. Running a small online shop is great little money maker and the perfect way to put your skills on show. However it can take up a lot of room and time, this is where we can help. Not only can we take on your stock to free up room at home but also take on the arduous task of picking, packing and posting.

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